Feel the summer

A fragrance, just like a carefree summer feeling that sets in as soon as the first warm rays of sun touch the skin. A hint for vacation and a pinch of sunshine –it is the perfect way to celebrate the summer. The days are longer again and we spend every free minute with our loved ones out in fresh air. The sun reflects in our mood and makes us shine from within.


Floral & fresh fragrance composition

Fruity  and  warm,  that's  how  we  love  the  summer!  The  women's  fragrance SUMMER by  ESPRIT surprises with a harmonious scent composition that has a long-lasting and invigorating effect with its expressive nuances. Tangerine, bergamot, apple and green notes in the top layer refresh the senses, while mid notes jasmine, rose, sandalwood and vetiver give the fragrance a floral accent. With musk, vanilla, almond and bitter almond, the perfume devours in warmth from within the base layer.

Top notes: tangerine, bergamot, apple and green notes
Mid notes: jasmine, rose, sandalwood, vetiver
Base notes: musk, vanilla, almond, bitter almond


ESPRIT has created a bottle for the new fragrance, with warm yellow packaging and round shape, which reminds of the sun and enhances the feeling of summer.
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